About Us

Our private company ‘Aclips‘ was founded in 1991. It is a family run business which allows us to maintain the production efficiency, with the help of very few workers which allows us deliver the highest quality products at very competetive price. Over the last decade we have grown and expanded our operating in a 1000 sq.m. warehouse.  

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of Automative Clips, fasteners, door panel plastic clips, door retaining clips, Trim clip retainers, and door trim panel clips.

We have a wide range of products from auto body clips, panel fasteners, door panel fasteners all the way to fasteners for moulding. Aclips has the largest range of pipe joiners in the market, sporting up to 150 different types. These pipe joiners can be used in a legion of ways ranging from the automobile insdustry to the gardening and oil industries. We constantly update our products in conjunction with the current norms, ordinances, materials and customer needs. With highly skilled designers and operators, coupled with the most advanced manufacturing and inspection equipment. Aclips designs and produces only the utmost quality parts.

Since 2010 Aclips has expanded its reach to well over 20 countries ranging from places such as Ireland all the way to Australia. We have firmly established ourselves with our clients and have gained their trust as our products are of an unpresidented quality.

Furthermore, over the years we have gained very valuable and trustworthy logistics partners. With their help we have been given the ability to provide our products to people all over the world quickly and safely while also providing our customers with a satisfactory price.

We are looking for new opportunities to further expand our business and provide our product to new markets! All inquiries are welcome, we are willing to do business with both large and small companies. We will find any way to co-operate and to make the business transactions quick and pleasent for both parties involved.